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The Listener Response Awards

The Listener Response Awards are given occasionally for music which spurs the greatest number of phone calls during a program, or subsequent mail. Mind you, we don't get very much feedback of any kind, so when listeners are moved to call in, you know something's up! Below are the K&D Listener Response Awards.

Listener Response Award 2003 for The Bilitis Songs

Listener Response Award V - 2003: Eve Beglarian & Phil Kline: The Bilitis Songs

Eve Beglarian and Phil Kline first performed Songs from the Bilitis Project for Kalvos & Damian at the August 2001 Ought-One Festival of NonPop. When they performed them again on the K&D show in 2003, these new approaches to the traditional art song elicited many phone calls. Their later performance at the FlynnSpace was sophisticated and present. We hope this will be available soon on a commercial recording.

Listener Response Award 2000 for How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall

Listener Response Award IV - 2000: Brenda Hutchinson: How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Brenda Hutchinson's How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall was presented on Kalvos & Damian both as part of her recorded version (a private release) and the recording of a live concert at Dartmouth College. One caller said the show was "hot, hot, hot!" That's what we like, especially for work with Brenda's distinctly esoteric, non-pop approach.

Listener Response Award 1999 for Minnesota Swale

Listener Response Award III - 1999: Beth Anderson: Minnesota Swale

Beth Anderson created the music that was the year's surprise hit on K&D. A rich, lustrous, tonal work, Minnesota Swale has a palpable anti-modernism. The music has been called back for play on the show a half-dozen times and, fortunately, is available on a commercial recording from Opus One, New Music for Orchestra, CD156.

Listener Response Award 1997 for The Rat's Nest

Listener Response Award II - 1997: Christopher K. Koenigsberg: The Rat's Nest

Christopher K. Koenigsberg claimed that The Rat's Nest inspired nothing but listener hatred in previous broadcasts. Instead, K&D's experience was that some listeners, at least -- the ones vocal enough to call us -- thought it was just the right antidote to everything from pop to classical. You can get this music from the composer on his privately released CD, Brains, PWOA 011.

Listener Response Award 1995 for Wordscapes

Listener Response Award I - 1995: George Todd: Wordscapes

George Todd was the very first composer to generate listener enthusiasm on K&D. His music is also on the first CD to appear from the Electronic Music Foundation, and deservedly so -- Green Dreams Furiously Asleep, EMF CD001. The mysterious and lovely Wordscapes can also be found on the SEAMUS CD Volume 2.